Alternative Energy Jobs in the UK

Alternative energy is a term that that generally refers to energy not derived from fossil fuel sources such as petroleum, coal, or natural gas. Fossil fuels were once seen as alternative energy because they replaced wood and whale-oil as energy sources and helped reduce deforestation and the slaughter of whales, both of which are still causes of concern. Some areas of the world still face the danger of deforestation for wood as fuel. The use of solar cookers and the production of gobar gas from sewage and other waste have helped reduce deforestation in many third world nations.

Although deforestation is still a major concern in some parts of the world such as the Amazon River basin and some parts of Asia and Africa, the biggest reason for wanting to encourage the use of alternative energy is global warming due to human actions (anthropogenic global warming), followed by the limited amount of fossil fuels available. Deforestation in the modern world is largely caused by lumbering of hardwoods, use of wood for cooking and heating, charcoal production, and deforestation to convert land use for farming. It is interesting to note that Alexander Graham Bell was advocating the use of ethanol as a fuel as early as 1917 because of the limited amount of coal and petroleum available.

The current demand for increased use of alternative energy has created a growing market for both skilled labor and trained professionals in the alternative energy field. Employment opportunities are available worldwide and locally in the United Kingdom. Understanding the nature of the labor market in the field is valuable for anyone who might be contemplating seeking employment in the field of alternative energy. Knowing what types of jobs are available and what the future outlook in those is will make better informed choices possible. Besides, you can work as an assignment writer australia if you well-educated in the alternative energy field.

What Are The Types of Alternative Energy and What are the Employment Opportunities?

Solar Energy. Perhaps the most familiar form of alternative energy, at least in terms of public perception, is solar energy. Solar energy can be used in three basic ways. Solar energy is used by green plants to produce sugars and power their growth. This can be used to produce biofuels ranging from wood and oils to biomass briquettes and even hydrogen. Solar heating can be used for both heating and cooling by simple techniques such as good design of homes and more advanced techniques such as mirrored collectors to power generators or solar-powered absorption type refrigeration systems. The third method of collecting solar energy is through photovoltaic power cells or photochemical cells, both of which directly produce electricity from sunlight. There are currently close to 250,000 solar power projects in the UK producing close to 1 gigawatt of power. Considerable future growth is projected. Most solar power projects are small rooftop installations. Many jobs in this area are available to small contractors.