Insights Into Dreamweaver Training Course for Adults

Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Suite 4 and Adobe Flash Creative Suite 4 are probably the most valuable products to learn. CS4, as it’s known, is the latest version and is now standard, so avoid any companies still training in CS3. Learning how to use Dreamweaver will enable you to build creative web pages to a professional standard. Commercial designers however will also need to add Flash to their repertoire to add that extra dimension of interactivity and movement. Flash and Dreamweaver are collectively perceived to be the definitive tools for creativity on the web.

…And Professional Certifications

To gain employment as a web designer, you must build a sample portfolio of your designs as you work through your training course. As with many creative disciplines, web design is quite subjective. Employers will therefore expect to be able to look at your work if called for interview. If you wish to train to work as a freelance Web Designer, then certifications may not be necessary. However, if you do wish to become professionally qualified, your training should lead you to taking the Adobe Certified Expert certification, or the Adobe Certified Professional in either Dreamweaver, Flash or both.

Beat The Competition

It’s quite short-sighted to restrict web design training to just the bits of the website that we can see. To be commercially competitive, we would strongly recommend that you look at training courses that include a range of additional skills. You will benefit from an in-depth tutorial on HTML and CSS. They’re the underlying languages and layout descriptions that Dreamweaver creates in the background for you. Then some teaching on dynamic or extended HTML and PHP Programming will help you to start getting to grips with dynamic sites. Thirdly, look for some teaching on your course about e-commerce websites and how they work.

Then last but not least comes Search Engine Optimisation, known widely as SEO. This is vital – as you’ll learn how to optimise sites to enable them to become visible on the major Search Engines, and so of value to their owners. There are billions of websites now indexed on Google – yours will need to be optimised if shoppers are going to find them.

Creatively Crafted!

There are a stunning amount of openings for talented and creative web designers. Training now to become a part of this industry will prepare you for a dynamic future. As the flexibility of the internet and speed of delivery continues to improve, so too is the way websites are being built. Embrace the changes and resolve now to find out more about this fast-moving and captivating industry.