What To Mention In Essay Application

Did you have to work to pay for your education this is not a point system whereby if you had to work you get more points or less points or whatever but it really says something about your commitment if if you had to work your way through school while you did all this work and have you overcome hardships I’ll talk about that a little later as well let’s look at what the physician’s assistants application has to say write a brief narrative on your motivation again your desire to become a physician assistant keep the narrative general use your own words so my conclusion here is that these different application processes tell you what to do they don’t tell you exactly how to do it so I’m going to focus on how and you have to think about what am I going to write about and how are you going to write about it the how not just the what and your first thing you need to do is to get organized. Read some great examples of applications at Edusson.

So I recommend everybody start out with a polished curriculum vitae or a hybrid of that and what is a curriculum well you’ve heard about resumes a resume is a document that contains a summary of relevant job experience in education oftentimes you may apply for something and it said send a resume a resume is one page well by definition Maes are one or two pages and all this does is give them an overview of you they don’t hire you on the basis of insufficient information going into a profession any profession what you need is a curriculum Vita and this is a summary very thorough of your of your a person’s professional history okay so you may have a resume and as you go through college there’s going to kind of be a hybrid as you develop a curriculum Vita which is what we have in academics and a khadeem as md’s DDS PhD etc so the changes in this document are going to parallel your advancement through the educational system into the into and through the career of your choice why do you need a CV not just because I said so number one it’s gonna organize you and the best thing to do before you start writing is to organize yourself it’s going to end up with all of your activities that is going to become very apparent.

What you’re going to put in your activities list it’s a way for you to plan your career path I have freshmen and sophomore undergraduates new curriculum Vitas to figure out where they want to go using foresight rather than hindsight you want to let someone help you plan what to write in your personal statement I have had students some who had done so much that they didn’t know what to put in their activities they didn’t know what to eliminate and I could tell them through the eyes of an admissions committee member whoa what would make us be impressed.